Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Nine dollars.  $9.00.  One dollar shy of ten dollars.  When you think about it, how easy is it for you to spend $9.00 in one day.  Does Sonic Happy Hour get a little?  A drive-thru another part?  Those two items alone will easily take your hard earn nine dollars.

What if I told you that you could feed a child for a full week on $9.00?  How would that make you feel?  

On occasion, Samaritan's Purse mails me updates on various programs they have serving children and adults all over the world.  In one particular mailer it said I could provide hot meals for an entire week for one child.  The cost, you guessed it, $9.00.  Hard to believe such a little amount of money can go such a long way.  

So knowing what you know now, would you be willing to part with $9.00? If so, please visit the gift catalog and GIVE.  Nine dollars really isn't much when you think about the kids whom you will help.  Maybe pack your lunch for one day.  That's really not much of a sacrifice now is it?

There are also lots of options in the gift catalog.  If you are interested in feeding one child for a week, you'll see it as Option 2.  According to the stats of who stops by this blog daily, there are over 300 people a day.  It would be amazing if at least half of us gave to change the lives of these precious kids.  If you do decide to give, please leave a comment to encourage others to give as well.

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