Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Me Again

It's me.  Littlest man, again.  I really thought my mom would get the hint that I don't like my car seat.  I cry and scream and choke on my saliva every single time I'm in that thing, but she keeps shoving me in there.  She's gonna get the point one of these days.

The only good thing about being in there is she has to listen to me.  I told her a big story yesterday.  I was in that seat a lot going from place to place.  One of our stops was my Grammy's house.  She is doing much better after her surgery.  For awhile she was sleeping just as much as I do, but now she's sleeping like a normal person.  She still can't pick me up and she tells me that really bugs her.  I'm thankful that she can lay down next to me and sing me songs.  I sure do love that lady.

After Grammy's house Mommy put me in that awful car seat and we picked up Little Man from school.  We had a quick picnic lunch at a park and my brother and sister got to play.  I can't wait to play at parks.  It looks like sooo much fun.  They were on this round black thing that was hanging from a pole and Mommy was pushing them 'round and 'round.  I'm definitely going to do that when I can sit up.

Park time soon came to an end and we went to my doctor's appointment.  Apparently I'm a tall boy.  The doctor said something about being in the 77th percentile for my length.  Whatever that means.  I only weigh 12.5 lbs, but I still have those adorable rolls that the ladies love.  What can I say?  I'm a chick magnet.

I thought everything was fine and dandy until the nurse came in with these stick things and band-aids stuck to her scrubs.  I don't know what those pokey things were, but I know I do not like them.  Mommy knew I didn't like them either.  She picked me up quickly and gave me lots and lots of kisses.

Our big day came to an end and Mommy took me home, fed me, and put me down for my long afternoon nap.  After my big day, I sure needed one.

I guess I should be signing off now.  If Mommy catches me on her computer she's gonna ground me.

Littlest Man

P.S.  Mommy and Daddy have tried to make me a paci baby, but I have other plans in mind.  Just check this out...

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Mom said...

Grammy loves that little guy so much. I love his blog stories. So, so cute.