Monday, March 3, 2014

Menu Monday

If you are sitting at sunny and 75+ degrees, I want to be where you are right now!  I have always been a person to enjoy all seasons, but this year I am ready for Spring.  Winter has overstayed the welcome.  Snow, sleet, rain, thunder, lightening on March 2nd.  Geez.  Time to go.

I'm ready for back porch grilling in my shorts and flip flops while the kids run around like little banshees in swim suits and water spraying everywhere.  I'm ready to wake up and throw on a tank, shorts, and shoes and head out for a run.  None of this put on layer 1, 2, and 3 before heading out.  I'm ready for smaller laundry piles, sunscreen scented kids,  and quiet time out back when the sun comes up.  Totally ready for warm.

I am soooo getting off track.  Here's the menu...

Monday-Coconut Chicken, Asparagus, The Bread
Tuesday-Breakfast for dinner
Wednesday-Southwest Chopped Chicken Salad and Berries
Thursday-Tater Beef Bake and Salad
Friday-Pizza Night
Saturday-Sandwiches, Fresh Veggies and Fruit
Sunday-Dinner at Mom's

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