Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chubby Cheekers~10 Month Edition

In about 4 days I'm going to be 10 months old.  Double digits, Ladies.  Double digits.  Life has been good for me.  I recently attended my first Thanksgiving.  It was wonderful.  Wonderful despite the massive diarrhea I picked up while traveling.  

However, I don't want to share about my nasties.  I just want to share about all of my latest achievements.  First off, I peed on the potty for the first time.  Yes, I'm 10 months old and peed on the potty.  Mommy had stripped my down before bath and I crawled myself right over to the potty and peed on it.  So I didn't actually pee IN it.  Just on it.  Mommy wasn't so excited about my achievement.  Sometimes I feel she doesn't get me.  I thought it was super funny.  I bet Daddy would have congratulated me.

I've also been toiling with the idea of walking.  For a few weeks now I've been building my balance skills by letting go of furniture, and last night I took my first step.  Just one.  It was a little overrated. I mean, I'm a master crawler and my booty looks so cute when I get going really fast.  It just shakes back and forth.  Sometimes, just sometimes, when I'm in a really good mood, I shake my head in conjunction with my booty and that is the cutest.  No need to be modest.  It just is and I know it.

Besides achieving greatness I have to admit I get myself into some sticky situations.  I just get a little curious at times and I don't yet have all the reasoning skills to decide if it's dangerous or not.  So here I am just crawling through barstools and my head gets stuck, or my booty doesn't make it all the way through.  It's really rough at times, but you know what?  I'm the kind of guy that lives on the edge.  Just look what happened when I tried to push Sissy's baby stroller around...

It may be a crazy life, but it's the life I lead.

Chubby Cheekers

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