Monday, February 6, 2012

Menu Monday

Does anyone really want to think about food after yesterday?  We did a big binge fest at our house.  Date night Saturday meant burgers, fries, pop, popcorn, pizza, and salad covered in ranch.  I don't even want to discuss what was consumed during the Super Bowl.  I can't go back.  It's too painful.  All I know is I'll have some regrets about 9:30 this morning.  I'll be at my 37 week dr. appt. weighin' in.  I feel like Bob Harper will be standing there asking what happened.  Of course I'll lie.

I just don't understand.  I've been doing well.

Psh!  I've been doing horrible.  Oh well!  I'm fully prepared to do the work after this baby's born, and I'm still under the weight I gained with the other two.  I'm right around 30 lbs, which is great for me.

Even though I feel like going on a vegan diet after eating a bunch of junk, I'm a realist.  I would never want to do that.  I like my carbs and meat.  What can I say?  So here's my menu...

Monday-Stir Fry, Brown Rice and Pineapple
Tuesday-Beef Tater Bake, Flaky Honey Butter Croissants
Wednesday-Mexican Casserole and Corn
Thursday-Creamy Taquitos and Homemade Guacamole
Friday-BBQ Chicken, Baked Potatoes, Snap Peas
Saturday-Daddy/Daughter and Mommy/Son Date Night
Sunday-Dinner @ Mom's?

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Mom said...

Yes, to dinner at Mama's. I miss you already. Hugs!!!

Rosina said...

I always wonder if this is how you let your mom know/ ask if she minds having you over. lol I love it!