Thursday, February 2, 2012

This Time Around

When this one was born, I didn't have any thought other than him.

{Little Man}

One child to focus on and one husband.  I thought it would be easier, but it wasn't.  He had a serious case of acid reflux for about a month.  That was the hardest month of Steven and I's marriage.  We were both exhausted and losing patience.  Needless to say, having a baby was a big transition.

As time went on, we got better at the parenting thing and learned how to work together after a few weeks of selfishness.  We were elated that Little Man had been healed from the acid reflux and he began sleeping through the night at a very early age.  He became easy.  

We knew we wanted another child, but we didn't expect to have them so close together. In our perfect world our next child wouldn't come along until Little Man was 3.  Oops!  We had this one 3 weeks before Little Man turned 2.

{Little Miss}

I remember looking at Little Man the night before she was born and thinking, "What have we done to this precious boy?"  I was so emotional thinking about splitting my attention.  For almost 2 years, he had been the center of our universe.  Now my time with him would be lessened from this new little life.

My fears were relieved, though, the moment Little Man came up to the hospital to meet his new little sister.  He was so excited.

Now that we are nearing the birth of our third baby, I am nothing but excited.  I've experienced the joy a sibling can bring you through the eyes of my children.  They are each other's best playmates and love each other deeper than I've ever known siblings to love (except for their daddy and uncle...they've got that weird twin bond).  

I'm excited to meet Baby #3, but I'm what really makes my heart soar is the thought of Little Man and Little Miss' excitement.  Just the other day we got out the infant car seat to make sure everything was going to fit snug in the car.  Little Man and Little Miss hopped up in their car seats and began to talk like their new baby brother was sitting right there.  They go in his room and 'oh and ah' over the tiny diapers and clothing.  They talk about him to strangers, and love on my tummy.  It's the most amazing experience.

So this time around, I have not one ounce of sadness of how our family will change,  I'm excited.

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Alice said...

awe! so sweet. I say all the time how grateful I am that Emilee & Zack are the best older siblings to Colton. Even though they are 9 and 11 years older than him. Plus it is so nice how much Em & Z's friends adore him and are always willing to include him. LOVE!