Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day

I have never been a real big Valentine's Day person.  I think girls get way too focused on the 'things' Valentine's Day has to offer and lose the focus of what Valentine's Day is supposed to be about.  Love. True love. Not 'like for a day' or 'whatcha gonna get me'.

However, I have kids now.  If you have kids you know love on a whole other level.  Since Little Man and Little Miss are getting older, they are beginning to understand the meaning of holidays.  So this year I am super excited for Valentine's Day.

Steven and I spent a little time at Michael's, armed with our $5 off a $5 purchase, looking for the perfect little crafts and trinkets for their Valentine's baskets.  I can't wait for their little cutie pie selves to wake up Tuesday morning to their little baskets and special heart shaped strawberry pancakes, heart shaped bacon, and strawberry milk.  I can't wait.

Not to mention Little Man's Valentine's Party at school.  It's going to be a great day!  A day filled with love.  True love.  My heart is full.  I am in...

Also, if you haven't entered to win the Early Shopping Pass for Rhea Lana of South Tulsa, do it now!  There aren't that many entries so your chances to win are pretty great.  Not to mention this resale sale is going to be a big one.  One where you can score some great deals for your kids!!!  Go here for more details.

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Alice said...


I am making egg-in-a-hearts (instead of a hole) for dinner.