Wednesday, November 16, 2011

To Trot or Not To Trot?

It has been a frustrating morning and afternoon.  No connection to technology until now, and my scheduled post didn't come up, but it's here now...

I'm so very sorry to dissapoint you, but this preggo girl has fallen off the running wagon.  It has been 2 weeks since I have ran.  TWO WEEKS.  I can feel my cheeks enlarging as we speak and I am not talking about my face.  Maybe this is just mental?  Maybe, but it makes me feel better anyway.

I was totally okay with letting running go and regressing to the speedwalk when I realized it was a Springfield, MO Thanksgiving year.  A Springfield, MO Thanksgiving year means we celebrate with my fabulous grandparents at their house.  It also means this...

Ever since we have been married, we've participated in the Turkey Trot when we are in Springfield.  When we first started it was a roughly thrown together event, and now it has grown to over 6,500 runners.  It's a fun time.  Getting up early on Thanksgiving morning, bundling up, heading to the run, running, and then stopping at Starbuckie's for a little coffee.  It's a must.

Here's the problem.  I could very easily walk the 5k, but the competitive person in me says, "I can run this."  Plus, I don't want to pay $ to walk. So here I am blogging about it.  To Trot or not to Trot?  That is the question.  I went online two times today to register Steven (who will run the entire race in under 20 minutes), but I couldn't complete it because something inside me stops my fingers from hitting enter.  Visions of this enormous belly crossing the finish line allure me.  That, and the idea that if I run that morning I can eat more...

I'm at a crossroads here people!  This is a real issue.  Real life stuff.  I guess I'll try and get my booty up tomorrow for a brisk jog to see if I can still hang with a 5k.  Yes, that's what I'll do.  Well, if not tomorrow, the next day...or the next...but definitely by Friday.  After Friday registration fees goes up, and you all know how I like to save $$$.

*My doctor knows I have been running.  He's totally okay with that and encourages me to keep it up.  So please, no worries.  I wouldn't do anything to harm my Little Nugget.  He's kinda grown on me...get it...grown on me.  Well at least I'm laughing.


Alice said...

I laughed! Haha!

I think you should do the 5k. You do NOT have to "run" the whole thing. You can do what I like to call the wog (it is like a walk with a little bit of jog in it).

So go now and hit ENTER!

Michael said...

ah yes, the infamous Springfield Turkey Trot...I remember it well. For me it went something like this:
1. Wake up at the butt crack
2. Soak in a boiling hot tub to get loose.
3. Dodge Missouri luggies and assorted trash for 5k
4. Max out on Tylenol
5. Pig out
sound familiar?

Ashley said...

I hate to say the only running I will be doing is around the stores for Black Friday Shopping.