Monday, October 3, 2011

Menu Monday

It hit me. The sneezy, stuffy nose, nasty allergies.  I've been reading about others who have been taken by this yucky stuff.  I thanked my lucky stars it hasn't happened to me, and now it has.  I really try to not complain, but this is annoying.  I'm really contemplating walking around in public with tissues up my nose.  Really, I am.  It's better than blowing my nose and messing up my lipstick.  Well, when I'm wearing lipstick.  Which isn't that often, but that's beside the point.  If I were to wear lipstick daily, it would be a mess. 

What's even more annoying is I have two new recipes I'm making this week...Taco Cups and a 3 Cheese Tortellini dish.  If I can't breathe, I can't taste.  I won't know if I should make it again or not.  Steven would eat poo, so he's not really a good helper in deciding if dishes are keepers or not.  Hopefully, the Kleenex stuffed up my nose will absorb all that I have coming out in time for the new recipes.  Wishful thinking, I know!

Monday-Smoked Salmon, Trees and Raisins, Texas Roadhouse Style Rolls
Tuesday-Grilled Steak Fajitas, Corn on the Cob, Spicy Potatoes
Wednesday-3 Cheese Tortellini Bake, Salad, Bread with Roasted Garlic Dipping Sauce
Thursday-Chicken Pesto, Honey Balsamic Carrots, Peas
Friday-Taco Cups, Veggie Rice, Plantains
Saturday-Pizza, Salad, Cinnamon Bread
Sunday-Dinner @ Church

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