Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Can Relate

If you have ever nursed a child for any length of time, you'll be able to relate to this photo too.

All this mom was doing was minding her own business, and then BAM!  She's got two youngins trying to nurse.  I've never nursed two kids at once, but it's enough to nurse one.  Then it hit me.  I'm going back.  I'm headed back to the land of  'Do I Have Enough Time To Run One More Errand Before My Boobs Are Needed At Home'. 

I stood there leaning against the fly infested fence staring at this poor mom.  Eventually, she kicked her back legs and trotted off leaving her two stinkers behind.  Then I realized, I liked nursing my kids.  Yes, it seems my body and my time are never to myself, but it's such a short amount of time compared to my children's entire lives.  To sit down and cuddle and feed my baby will be a reward.  Now, can someone remind me of this come March?


Ashley said...

I mainly pumped the 3.5 months I breasfed and it has left me scarred for life. I loved being able to provide food for Kiera, but the pumping really took a toll on the food source. As in chapped my food source. I was even sad when I had to call it quits from exhaustion and not being able to keep up with the amount Kiera wanted. Working 50+ hours a week AND getting up to pump in the middle of the night when she was sleeping through the thank you.

Alice said...

I also loved nursing! Such a special bonding time. I wish I could have done it longer with my boys but oh well. Em was 11 months, Z was 7 months, and Colton was 8 months.