Friday, August 8, 2014

Just Call Me Handy

Football season started in our house last week.  My husband and son are in their element.  Little Miss, Chubby Cheekers and I are along for the ride (and I guess Torres #4 too...she goes where I go).  It's been pretty fun.  Ask me again in a month if it's still fun.  No, I'm kidding.  It's a fun schedule to keep and manage when you husband is coaching.  I mean that in the most serious manner (I am totally lying through my teeth).

Just for a little visual, here's my big wittle bitty baby guy suiting up for practice.  He's loving the time with his friends and learning new skills.

Do they not look so totally tough???

Aside from football season being new to our schedule, we are also working on something else new.  The boys are moving in together.  Chubby Cheekers is being kicked out of his room to make room for his baby sister.  As of now, they boys are excited about it.  I give this about 2.5 days. But that's beside the point.  The POINT is...

You can now hire me for your latest handy dandy needs.  My latest piece of work is a (drum roll please)....

 Toddler Bed!

Yeah, I can read directions like a BOSS!  I am also pretty mean with an allen wrench.  Thanks to our crazy new football schedule, I decided to tackle the assembly of the bed by myself.  I got tired of seeing the box chilling in the entry way. Honestly, I had a great support group of 5 kids.  They were totally supportive.

Aunt Amanda?  Ummm, don't you think you should wait for Uncle Stevie to do that? (From Chunkey Monkey.  Geez, nephew!  Do you know how many time I wiped your biscuits?!?)

Mom, do you even know where that goes? (From Little Man.  He's grounded for life.)

Mommy, you are the smartest worker lady ever!  (From Little Miss. She is now my favorite child.)

Well, it just goes to show the boys that I am awesome, and Little Miss now believes she can conquer the world as a girl.  As long as she's armed with an allen wrench. 

As we speak Chubby Cheekers is snoozing in that bed and nothing has fallen apart.  Again, I offer my services for hire!

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