Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Embracing My Crazy

Ducks in a row.  To do list made. Perfectly planned.  Details thought out.  Tasks done early.

That was me.

Not. Anymore.

Here is a prime example.  Last week parents sat in little chairs and listened to teachers explain class rules and such.  The annual Parent Night.  Most normal parents walk into the right class without issue, thumb through their kid's desk, write little love notes, and intently listen to the teacher.

I intently listened to the teacher.  The other 'normal' things I intended to do correctly, but it didn't happen.  First off, I walked into, not ONE wrong classroom, but TWO.  I blame it on recognizing parents.  Saw the first 2nd grade classroom and a few of last year's parents were sitting down.  Well, by all means that must be Little Man's class.  Nope.

Second attempt.  I see more parents.  This time I am fully convinced Little Man is in the same class as his buddy Lane.  Nope, he's not.

For attempt number 3 I decided to actually  look at the teacher before walking in.  BAM!  I find it.

It's not like I didn't go in there on Meet the Teacher.  Seriously.  Who does that kind of stuff?

So major fail on finding the right class. 

I did peek in Little Man's desk, but I didn't thumb through his stuff.  He keeps a tidy desk.  Score one for mom for teaching him neatness.  It was super neat.  So not a total fail there. 

Did I write him a note?  NOPE.  Honestly, it didn't even cross my mind until now.  I bet he would have liked that. Mental note for next year...write a mushy gushy love note and leave it smack in the middle of his desk.  He'll totally love that and feel appreciated when his friends see it too. 

Lastly, I walk out of Parent Night and see the 2nd Grade Community Board.  All these kids with pics of them with their families on vacations, enjoying activities, and/or living it up with friends.  Then there's Little Man's pic.  My first born.  The kid I'm supposed to get everything right with, because after all, he's the first to experience these things.  Well, he has his school pic from last year.  Nothing cool.  No beach vacation pics.  No cool friend pics.  No well posed family pics.  Just a school pic.

Here's what I find ultra funny about that.  If HE got a regular old school pic to take for his assignment, what's the final Torres kids gonna get???  Maybe a personalized self-sketch because we can't even find an adequate picture???

For a little bit, I was beating myself up about this.  Who does that to their kid?  Then I had to take a step back and think, Does he even really care or is this me just comparing what pics other kids have vs. what I sent him with?  

Probably has more to do with me comparing.  He doesn't care.  In fact, he thinks his pic is awesome.  Problem solved.  So I'll just embrace my crazy for now.  I'll be me...the mom who used to have it all together who now randomly walks into other classrooms and sends a 'It'll do photo' to school. 

Oh well!  I'll also be the mom who makes up crazy games to entertain herself at the pool.  Like the Bet You Can't Hit Dad's Hand game...


Yep, that's way more my style at the moment.  

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