Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mullet Symbolism


I had a date with my husband last night.  In our kitchen.  He booked the appointment.  Only it wasn't a fun date.  It was a 'Pretend to Interview Me' date. 

He is beginning the interview process to fill the his old position at work.  Going through his list of questions, I realized I am SOOOO the best candidate...even though I don't have a Safety degree...or a Communication degree, but gosh darn it!  I nailed that interview.  Just sayin'.  Plus, I know he has a crush on me. 

I kid.  I mean, I am the best candidate.

I was actually really proud of my husband being all professional.  He devised some really thought provoking questions.  Good stuff.  Really good stuff.   I have no doubt he will hire the best candidate.

So there I was standing in my kitchen looking over his face, being all proud and he looks up from his questions and says, "This now concludes our interview.  Arm Games is on and I don't want to miss it."

Uh, what???

I feel like a mullet just reared it's ugly head.  All business in the front, but when the situation turned I realized there was a big 'ol party in the back. 

So now I'm in my bedroom typing out our series of events thinking, "Who did I marry?  Mr. Business or Mr. Party?"

Come to think of it, I think I like both.  Hey!  I like mullets.  I do! I do!

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