Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's Just Hanging There

You see this smile?

Yes.  That smile with little baby teeth.  It's about to change.  Little Miss already has her first loose tooth.  It's really just hanging there waiting for that one bit of resistance to nudge it out.  I'm not ready for it.  My little girl is losing the little and moving towards the big.  It all starts with the teeth.  Am I right?  Whaaaaaaaaaa!

A few weeks ago she and her Daddy were talking about ways to get it out.  She is so anxious for the Tooth Fairy to visit her room.  I'm not sure what she's imagining, but I know it has a bit to do with a fairy party and glitter and Pixie Dust all coming together in one location in the middle of the night in her bedroom.  She may not sleep.  I may have to get over my disdain for glitter and make something special happen.  Depends on how generous I'm feeling because I totally dislike glitter.

The funny part about the whole 'How Do We Get That Tooth Out' conversation was Little Man's suggestion.  We didn't think he was paying attention.  I mean that boy was Z-O-N-E-D in to the DS, but low and behold he pipes in...

I think we should tie a string to her tooth and I'll tie the other end on my football.  Then, I'll just throw the football as hard as I can.  That will be awesome and your tooth will for sure come out.  I'm reallllly strong.

Well, alright there buddy.  Not lacking any confidence are we?

As for Little Miss, she wasn't digging it.  If you can picture a 17 year old girl while I repeat what she said, you'll get a better picture. 

Uhhhh, Little Man, we are NOT going to do THAT!

So, the tooth remains.  It's just hanging there.  Not sure how we'll convince her to get it out, but I can assure you it won't be with a football and a string.

Now this next picture has nothing to do with a tooth other than I found it in a group of pictures and it is my all time favorite...

I mean, that beef cake on the right and that little thang on the left???  Melt. My. Heart.  Little Miss has such a great daddy.  A heart for God and a heart for her.  What's even better is she has a great uncle too...that just happens to look just like Daddy...that just happens to spoil her rotten...and just happens to carry a gun everywhere...and has the potential to arrest people.  Yes, she will be well protected come dating years!  We like that kind of protection.

Oh, you'd like to take our daughter out?  Go ahead and fill out this background check, finger prints here please, and a police car will escort you to each location.  Meanwhile her brothers and cousins will accompany you inside each venue.  Understood?  You have approximately 2 hours.

This will work out so well! 

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