Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chubby Cheekers~23 Month Edition

Hellllo Ladies,

I'm a toddler on the move these days and I ain't got time for pics.  It's been a long while since you've heard from me.  I've become even more daring and a little ornerier since our last chit chat.  I'm thinking one of these days my handsome good looks are not going to cut it any longer.  Buuuuuut, since I'm a Torres you have to realize that we don't stop until we say it's time.  I haven't said it's time yet, so my antics will continue {insert the raising of my sticky fist}!  Muahahahaha....

One of my newest favorite things is cuddling up with the parental units for a good book.  I get me some Boobie (blanket), my thumb, and settle in on Mommy's lap for a good Sandra Boyton book.  HEY!  WAKE UP! has to be my favorite.  One cannot hear that story enough.

With the new year, I hear a lot of talk about goals from Mommy, Daddy, Little Man, and Little Miss.  Daddy wants to run a marathon and qualify for the Boston Marathon.  Mommy wants to run a half-marathon in under 2 hours. Little Man wants to run an entire 5k, and Little Miss wants to run a Fun Run (1 mile)And here I am, not even two yet, thinking, "I just wanna suck my thumb."  


I don't want to show anyone up.  Plus, I have years to blow my siblings out of the water!

Another one of my latest obsessions is acting like a dog.  You know you were a born leader when you can get your sister and cousins in on doggie behavior.

Yep, born leader!  Next week I think I'll lead the way for Meerkat behavior...

Chubby Cheekers

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