Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pinterest Hit~Ultra Crispy Potatoes

How many times have you excitedly pinned something on Pinterest thinking your life was going to improve tenfold, only to realize you've been bamboozled?  Well guess what?  I pinned a side dish on Pinterest, thought I was going to be bamboozled, but ended up being wow-ed.  Maybe that should be my new motto when making dishes.  Just think they'll stink and then be pleasantly surprised when I love it.

Sooooo, do you wanna know my big hit?  Good.  I'll tell you tomorrow.  I kid.

It's these lovely crunchy bites of deliciousness...


And with a 5 lb bag of Russet potatoes being on sale this week for $0.99, it looks like we'll be having these again soon. It also looks like my butt will be getting larger soon as well.  But, it's totally worth it!
(Erica, we're still running in the morning, riiiight???)

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