Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Brilliant Idea

Little Miss and Little Man have birthdays 3 weeks apart.  It makes planning a bit difficult. I have to start planning both parties early to ensure both kids feel important and special.  In years passed, we've invited our closest friends to both parties.  As Little Miss has grown up, she's developed friendships outside of her brother's friends.  Well, actually, she's stolen one of her brother's friends.

My friend from high school has two girls.  One Little Man's age and the other girls is Little Miss' age.  When planning LM's party I thought doing something super girly with her two girlfriends would be her party.  What is more girly than getting your nails and toes painted.  I found a place in our area that had kid chairs and were more than willing to accommodate these 3 cutie pies for the afternoon.


Watching these little ladies soak their tootsie, get their nails filed, painted, and dried was so cute.  After getting their mani/pedis, we headed back to our house where Little Miss thought she was going to play with her friends while I threw some cupcakes together.  Instead she walked in to this...


She was so excited to walk in the entry way filled with balloons and family.  She had the best time and watching her little smile as she tried to figure out what was going on was priceless!  It took her a few minutes.  Then she was down to party.

The best part of this party was the set up.  The only things I did a few days before was make her #4 and the balloon bouquet (we hid it in the laundry room).  Everything else (i.e. the house cleaning, baking, setting up) was left to the hubbie.  Yes, this was my most brilliant idea yet.

Now onto Little Man's party. I have also devised another brilliant plan of being a spectator.  It's a Football Training Camp Party.  And guess who knows a whole lot about football???  Steven.  Another party falls on his shoulders.  Muh-hahahah...(that's my evil laugh)

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