Monday, January 27, 2014

Turning the Hearts

I have done this whole 'Yes/No' dance in my head all day.  Do I?  Do I not?  Is what I'm really trying to get across going to come across that way?  OR, is it a 'Look at what we're doing' type thing?

So it came down to this...

Yesterday I met a man named Larry.  Little Man and I had the opportunity to hand Larry some brand new socks and put them in his new back pack.  The one he traded out for his holey Walmart sack.  Then Chunky Monkey and Little Miss handed Larry a new toothbrush, soap, and toothpaste. Larry was friendly, had a spark in his eye, and knew what he wanted.  Larry let us in his world.  Let us serve him and in turn let us open up to a little more love.  Through his hurt, he still had joy.  I am thankful for him.

We live a pretty cush life here at the Torres household.  In fact, having a home puts us in the top percentage of wealthiest people in the world.  Puts a little perspective in life, right?  Yes, you, having a home makes you rich compared to the total population on Earth.  Being in the upper percentage of cush life livers, we wanted to make sure we extend ourselves even in inconvenient times to show others what you have or do not have makes no difference on the quality of love you receive.  A person is a person no matter how small...  I love me some Dr. Suess!

I digress...

When I started our list of service projects each month for 2014, I thought it would serve at different places each month allowing the kids to find their passion in serving.  After spending an hour at Tulsa Homeless Outreach, I knew we were to go back next month.  Watching and helping people find what they were needing, I realized we have those things in our home...unused...just sitting there...collecting dust...overabundance...doing nothing.  I couldn't NOT go back.

So this is where we stand for February.  My little family of 5 will be meeting at 11th & Denver on February 23rd @ 3pm again.  In the meantime, the needs we saw is what I am asking for.  If you would like to help, here's what would be great...
  • Socks.  Ladies' and Men's.  Darker colors work best because you can't tell if they are dirty.  The black ones went first.  White ones were taken, but only after all the black ones were gone.
  • Shoes.  Sturdy comfortable shoes.  I witnessed a man in flimsy house shoes trying to find shoes in his size.  His foot looked to be about a 13, like Steven's, but he settled for a much smaller shoe and put them on.  OUCH!  Can you imagine settling for a shoe 2-3 sizes too small?
  • Backpacks.  Again, dark colors and pockets galore.  Duffle bags work too!
  • Individual sized snacks, travel size wipes, bottled water, band-aids, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mom had a great idea of making blessing bags to pass out. 
I realize many of you love visuals.  I didn't take my phone for pictures because I had this feeling in my own head of, "Look what we're doing."  That's where I am so thankful for my SIL.  She had her phone and made it so natural to take pictures.  She is gifted in so many ways I am not.  I love her to pieces.  So here's our kiddos stepping out and serving.

 Could we all take a moment and pay some respects to the lady pushing the stroller?  That's me.  My mom is in the blue. Don't confuse us.  I am the one who had run 4 miles, rushed to a pedicure I earned from Arbonne, and then never showered.  Let's all say it together...'Ewwwwww!'  I'm not gonna lie.  I was stinky!
 The kids getting right in and helping people find items they needed.

I want to brag on Chunky Monkey for a bit.  My nephew has always been so shy to meet new adults.  Like hide behind you and not want to look.  Not while serving.  He went up to every person and asked if they wanted a new toothbrush, floss, or toothpaste.  In fact, he asked so many that he was out of brushes before anyone else.  He has always had such a compassionate heart towards others. We were blown away on his ability to remove his own fears because compassion took over.

I would love to have you join us in February.  Until then, please partner with our family in collecting these goods!

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