Friday, January 3, 2014

Making It Meaningful

Do you ever have those little areas in life where you think you are in control, but the moment you try to control it is the moment when you realize you had little power to begin with?

Hello? Am I the only crazy one around here?

Let's take my holiday eating for example.  Each bite I was well aware of what I was eating.  In my head I recognized I should not be eating it.  I did it anyway.  Since I had the thought of  I should not be eating this, then I thought I was in control.  Sadly, I found out the little power I actually had today.

Today Steven and I, along with countless others, began our Clean Eating Challenge.  I've been asked numerous times why I would commit to something like this when I appear to be in shape.  You know, the first time I did this I wanted to see if I could do it.  I wanted to see if  what others were saying was true.  I wanted to see if I had more energy, if I would sleep better, if I would trim up, if my workout performances would improve, if, if, if...

All of it was true. I did stick to the plan 99.9% of the time.  I saw results.  I loved the results.  Life changes were made in regards to how we thought about food.  Foods I thought I could never give up rarely enter our house now.  I am thankful for those changes.

However, this time around I have a totally new set of goals. 

After letting myself indulge every single day for the entire month of December, I was beginning to see that snacking  and sugar was taking a toll on my energy levels.  One month of really throwing out a healthy diet and I could feel it.  My clothes felt it.  My skin felt it.  My sleep felt it.  My energy felt it.  My attitude felt it.  All of those areas are affected by my intake of food.

My goal for focusing on eating clean this month is not to improve my energy, sleep better, trim up, or perform better on runs or workouts.  I know those things will come, but this time I want to make it meaningful.  I want to focus on eating what I should and not what I want.  Since I created a cycle of indulgence, I want to recreate a cycle of discipline.  Disciplining myself for nourishment, not cravings.

That's a hard one.  Considering it's 9:30 at night.  I am full, yet I want to eat.  I want to sneak in my pantry and peruse the shelves for that something just right.  Mmmmm, cravings!  They sure are sneaky.  So instead, I'm typing on my laptop about cravings, sipping on my detox tea, and avoiding the kitchen altogether. Honestly, that power feels good.

I do have a purpose in all of this.  I want to share with you what my partner and crime (Erica) and I have done to help others who want to break those unhealthy cycles as well.  When you choose to go through the Clean Eating Challenge, you get support.  Lots of support.  First off, you get your products from Arbonne.  Top notch, researched, ahead of the times products.  You will also receive a full menu, recipes, and shopping list for 4 straight weeks.  On top of that you will be added to a private facebook page with others who are  participating in the very same process, at the very same time as you.  A perfect little support group.  AND, you also have the chance to compete for one of two $100 gift baskets.  It's a recipe for success!

Each month, we will have a group begin on the first and continue on for 30 straight days.  January tends to be the month people start with a bang and then fizzle out.  It is our hope that with all the tools we have put together it encourages others to stick through the hard times.  Changing life-long habits is difficult.  I'm not promising ease, but I am promising worth.  You are worth it and you will see worth when you make it meaningful.

What are your goals for the year?  Maybe this is the time for you.  If it is, I would love to share with you the how-to.  I truly believe this is for anyone! 
Make it meaningful, peeps!  Love you all!

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