Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I have a love hate relationship with my alarm.  When that thing goes off in the wee hours of the morning, I want to literally throw it through the wall.  Instead, I drag my sorry self out of bed, put on the workout clothes, wash off the drool remnants and eye boogies, and head out the door for some exercise. 

After I'm done, it's all love.  I loved the workout.  I loved getting up and home before anyone in my family is awake.  I love sitting in my living room in silence aligning my thoughts and spirit for the day.

Monday I began re-reading the book of Daniel in the Bible.  Great book.  Highly recommend it.  Adventure.  Crazy people.  Focused people.  Amazing. 

I was in chapter two reading about the king who wanted to kill all of his wise men because no one was able to interpret a dream he was refusing to tell.  Basically, he wanted the wise men to read his mind.  Seriously?  No man can do it.  The king then became outraged and ordered every wise man to be killed.  Uh, mentally unbalanced much?

Daniel, exuding awesomeness, pleaded with one of the king's most high men for a little more time.  Once he was granted the time, Daniel asked his closest friends to pray for God to reveal the king's dream and the meaning of the dream.  Then Daniel went to sleep. 

Ummm, hold up?  He could be killed tomorrow and he went to sleep?  He wasn't tossing and turning all night.  Bawling his eyes out.  Frantically calling his family and friends.  Posting his drama on Facebook.  He asked his friends to pray and believe God would reveal the king's dream, then went to bed.

Funny thing.  In Daniel's moment of rest, God answered his prayer in a vision...a dream.  Daniel believed God would come through.  He wasn't stressed.  He slept, and in his sleep the answer was revealed.

How many times have I been faced with a trivial situation and laid in bed mulling over what to do...what to do...what to do...

Did I ever find answers during those mulling sessions?  No.  During those times I kinda need to do Daniel's method.  Pray and rest.  I'm all about resting and I am thankful for God's command to rest in Him.  I can do that.  If he came through for Daniel, he is more than capable to come through for me.  So that's my focus.  Just a little resting in Him.

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