Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ultra Crunchy

As of late I have learned that granola is out and crunchy is in.  Seriously.  Just as soon as I learned granola, the cool people go and change the term.  I can't keep up with these young bucks.

Anyhoo, I am now a granola crunchy girl.  It all happened like this...

The sun hadn't even cracked over the butt of the Earth and I was running with a gal pal.  She tries to shock me since I'm ornery.  Most often it doesn't work, BUT she got me this day.  She said, "Guess what?  I'm not wearing any deoderant."

Then I exited left and discontinued our run.  After all I'm a fair weather runner.  I don't do stink.  I kid.  

Instead, I thought in my head how funky she must smell.  Then I told her that I thought she was probably funky, but she said she was fresh.  She was wearing baking soda in her pits, and it really worked.  Despite how much I admire and respect her, I wasn't about to do a sniff test.   Ewwwweeee!

We finished our run and parted ways.  I couldn't get her baking soda armpits out of my head.  After I showered I grabbed my baking soda.  Pat, pat, pat in one pit.  Pat, pat, pat in the other.  Viola!  I was done.

Hours later, I had no scent at all in my armpits.  I came to the conclusion that if baking soda can absorb the funky smells out of my fridge, it is strong enough for my crazy weird armpit scents.  

So that's Crunchy Evidence #1.  

Crunchy Evidence #2 is this...

Because Crunchy people eat ultra healthy stuff and like it.  Guess what???  This is ultra healthy and we LOVED it.  Yeah, I'm so crunchy.

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Ashley said...

I am completely confused at how crunchy has anything to do with the baking soda in your arm pits. You went hippie and converted to baking soda instead of deoderant? And granola isn't called granola anymore it's called crunchy? Either I am out of the loop or you are off your rocker! Lol!