Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Love Language

Right before Steven and I got married one of my mom's friends gifted me with two books, The Power of a Praying Wife and The Love Languages.  I read both of them.  They have shaped the way I interact with my husband and others.  I would recommend these two books to anyone, but I was reminded of The Love Languages last week.

I'm not sure if you know or not, but my birthday was last Saturday.  Oh wait, I think I made sure everyone knew I was getting up there in my old lady status.  I'm not quite the young strapping buck I used to be.  Although I feel better about my health now than any other time in my life, my body does feel older.

I digress.

Since I was feeling ambitious I got up early on my birthday because I was going to hit the pavement with some wonderful ladies and run 6 miles.  My friend, Erica (the one that owns F.I.T. Boot Camp), was coming to pick me up.  She gave me a quick text to let me know she was out front.  I opened the door and right smack in my face was a piece of furniture she refinished for me.  I almost cried, because there is a story behind the piece.

Awhile back Erica and I were running through the neighborhood when I spotted a side table on my neighbor's curb.  We quick grabbed it up and stuffed in on my porch.  It was going to make the best sofa table once I refinished it.

I was so excited, but then life happened.  For six months it sat in my laundry room collecting stuff.  Steven was getting a little irritated that it was still there doing nothing but junk collecting.  I told him I would get rid of it.  Secretly I was sad, but he was right.  If I hadn't done anything with it yet, it wasn't going to get done.  I called Erica and asked if she wanted it.

She snatched it off my hands.  A few days later she called and asked what I was going to do with it, and I told her.  Her reply, Awesome.  I think I'll do the same thing. 

Fast forward to the morning of my birthday run and I realized she didn't take the table for herself.  She took the table to refinish it for me.  In the exact way I wanted to do it for myself, only better.  Here is my new sofa side table...
Photo: My curb find that I never got around to. A great friend took the table and redid it for me as a surprise. Blessed. Super blessed.

The pic is a bit dark, but you get the point.  It's beautiful.  I love it.  I was surprised.  I rarely get surprised.  I was gifted in a way that is totally my love language.  I love gifts that require genuine thoughts and service.  

As if the table wasn't enough to make my birthday special, my friend Jackie also blessed me right up my love language alley.  Some of you may find this a bit odd, but I find it special and endearing.  From Jackie I received the sweetest card and this...

Photo: Steven and I decided to stop buying chips.  I can't be trusted with them. However, it's very important to have amazing friends who help support the habit. Pretty darn good birthday present!!! Thank you, Jackie!

Jackie knows I stopped buying chips because I can't stay out of them.  I love chips!  LOVE them.  She went and picked up a bag of her favorite chips for me.  Talk about thoughtful!  And in case you're wondering...they chips were gone in two days.  They were delicious!

If you're thinking, Man, Amanda is one lucky girl, you would be right. I am blessed.  My birthday blessings didn't end there.  My husband had a wonderful breakfast awaiting me as I came in from my run, and had the kids make me birthday cards.  My mom came and watched the kids so Steven could take me out for a day.  When we came home, my mom had made a special dinner.  It was an all around perfect day.

What makes it so special is the people around me hit me right in my love language spot.  Gifts of service.  It reminds me that I must work hard to serve others in their love languages because it feels so wonderful to have blessing like I experienced this weekend.

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