Monday, March 25, 2013

Menu Monday

For the LOVE, life has changed around here.  Seriousl life changes.  Life changes I would have never ever in a million years thought would have transpired, let alone me agree to them, but it landed in my lap and I'm going to run with it.  Are you ready to know?  I jumped in with both feet in starting my own business.

The week before my family left for FL, I went to a Healthy Happy Hour to learn about safe supplements and clean eating for Stevena and myself.  Steven begins his marathon training in May and I need to put on muscle now that I have lost all the baby weight.  As I was sitting there, so many products I wanted but cost was a HUGE issue.  You all know how frugal I am, and we are right smack in the middle of Financial Peace University.  I was there to learn about health and figure out how to manage our budget to fit these products into our limited cash.

My friend, Erica, was already committed to doing the business side of it.  Totally made sense for her.  She had been using products (through Arbonne) for a long time.  She's in charge of directing people towards healthier lifestyles.  Arbonne is what she stands behind and uses.  Then she asked if would help her.

Naturally, I'm a helper.  I like to serve people through helping.  I told her I would.  By accepting the challenge of building my own business, I received everything we needed for our family AND it fit our teeny weeny health budget.

Now, don't go running and hiding from me.  I will not sell you anything.  I will never ever look at you as a dollar amount, but if you are interested in doing things like detoxing, protein shakes, weight loss (the healthy way), I will tell you about what we're doing (including our kids).

You're probably wondering, "How on Earth does this tie into Menu Monday?"  Welp, my family is beginning the 30 Day Detox/Cleanse on April 1st.  I am so thankful my mom, husband, BIL, SIL, FIL, and boot camp family are joining me on this journey.  It will be hard, but I have a great support system.  I'll need the support because for the next 30 days I will go without dairy, wheat, peanuts, caffeine, refined sugar, and soy.  YIKES!  My menu beginning April 1st will result in clean eating for the next 30 days. 

Honestly, I'm excited about this journey.  Excited to see how I can stretch my grocery budget to fit our new dietary needs for the next month and how much will power I will have towards abandoning my precious bread and desserts.

If you want to do this with me or know a bit more about what I'm doing, you can come to my house tonight at 6:45. My family will be here and so will a few neighbors who will all do the detox together.

Now for my last hurrah menu...

Monday-Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Garlic Knots, Salad
Tuesday-Hot Dogs, Crispy Potatoes, Fresh Veggies
Wednesday-Key West Grilled Chicken and Veggies, Buttered Bread
Thursday-Creamy Enchilada Bake, Mexican Style Mashed Potatoes, Corn
Friday-Pork Butt Sandwiches, Potato Salad, Snap Peas
Saturday-Roasted Chicken, Green Beans, Fruit Salad
Sunday-Easter Dinner

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